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Misha Maver – Public Anal Craving!

Misha Maver – Public Anal Craving!

Public Bang Misha Maver is with us today showing off her perfect body and she came horny. She doesn’t care where she is, as long as she gets some good dick.

Our boy Tommy is here to satisfy her needs. He spanks her like the bad girl she is before face fucking her in public.

She begs him to stick it in her ass and he happily plays by her rules. They fuck in multiple positions outside, stretching out her tight asshole and then he lets out a huge load all over her face...

Halle Hayes – Toughlove!

ToughloveX – Definition of a slut: A chick that will do anything for some cock. Good old Merriam-Webster couldn’t have defined it any better than this horny, hungry, needy bitch that found me today while I was out for a ride! I didn’t waste any time going balls deep down her throat.

She took it like the willing Toughlove student she was and came back for more. I love teaching these bitches. Toughlove approved.

A Well Trained Slut Is A Happy Slut!