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Fisting Session with Nikky and Tina!

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Fisting Session with Nikky and Tina!

21seXtreme – After a few practice sessions, Nikky the Mistress of Fisting would like to see how good Tina became in the art of fisting. So she spreads her shapely thighs to give access to her flexible pussy.

Janice smiled and began to move her fingertips in small circles against the firm flesh.

Jenny was tense for a few moments; then her breathing became heavier and she sunk down a little.

Each tingling, circular motion of her hostess’s hand relaxed her a
little more and built the rising crescendo of passion in her. As the waves of uncertainty were pushed aside by growing passion, her lush body slipped lower, and her skirt shifted higher up her long, well-formed legs, then up past the satiny material of her panties.

The sight of the thin, transparent material of her panties brought a
stifled gasp from Janice. She could see the wiry mat of flaming red
cunthair clearly through the sheer fabric. Her eyes stayed glued to it as she worked her hand slowly, and she could see a wet spot begin to form in the crotch of the frilly bikini underwear. Continue reading Fisting Session with Nikky and Tina!